A purpose

circular center building by Jacque Fresco

Why am I here right now?

I’d like to create a personal space with more of my main goals in life in mind. This will be my online presence I can point you to for education and an understanding of not only myself but the things I most wish to bring across to people willing to listen. It will not be personal. I will provide you with links and ramblings on American society, global issues, humanitarian interests, psychology and the bigger picture. I will include a vast diversity of topics but maintain an unbiased and always 100% true and factual information.

I realize hate does not serve a good purpose or ever accomplish anything positive. Through love and understanding I hope to bring your conscious to light the same way my culmination of readings of text, viewings of movies, hearing of music and  experiences have brought enlightenment to me without any religion. I denounce faith in general and agree with the scientific method but also know there is much yet to be discovered and we can not possibly understand everything (yet).

As my time and interest increases I will add to this space but do not expect it to provide adequate data for sharing for another 2 or 3 weeks at least since I do have many side-projects occupying my time. Feel free to follow and share valuable insights with me. I hope to be more present and fulfill some purpose in the coming months.



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